Shingles For Your House

A walled structure becomes a house if it is well-roofed. Shingles are a popular choice for roofing purposes. Roof shingles are individual elements with overlapping layers. Shingles are installed in layers over the roof structure but are usually made of different materials.

There are types of shingles such as slate shingles, cedar shingles, bitumen or paper-saturated, asbestos-cement and asphalt shingles. Due to fire hazards, the use of paper-based and wooden shingles have reduced drastically. They have been now replaced by fiberglass asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most extensively used roof shingles. They are popular because of two reasons. First, they are inexpensive. Second, they have simple to install features that make them a favorite choice.

There are mainly two types of asphalt shingles that are available in the market, namely organic and fiberglass. Organic shingles are known as paper saturated shingles. Fiberglass asphalt shingles are made of fiber and glass. Fiberglass shingles are mostly used now. This is because they can be handled easily. These are also available in colors of choice that are visually pleasing to the eyes.

Roof shingles can be installed if necessary cautions are adopted. The first step towards this process is the building of a roof deck. A starter strip is to be laid to install the shingles at once. Keep necessary provision for the gables, chimneys, dormers etc.

Slate shingles are also a type of roofing covering. The slates are laid to roof your house. They are heavy in structure. Also, they are laid in steep slopes so that the rain water and snow can't affect them. Slate shingles are not easy to handle and demand extra caution while you install them. Better hire a professional to install them. Do not install these shingles during bad weather or in the wee hours when there is lots of dew.

Wooden roof shingles are light in weight and easy to handle. They can be installed comfortably. Modern wooden shingles are different form the older ones because they provide a classic and rustic look. They are extremely durable.

If installed once, you need not worry about their durability. Their installing should be done in proper way. It should be done without leaving places in between that may eventually cause harm to the wood. The main fault with wooden shingles is that they are not fire resistant. So they have become less preferred by consumers.

Shake shingles are another type of roof covering. They are pretty similar to wooden shingles. But they are typically cut out from Red cedar. Several types of shakes are found. They have their own different features. There are split and sawn shakes that are cut out from wood into proper sizes. The cutting would enable them to be easily fit on the roof structure.

Shingles can be set in layers across the structure. They should be placed from bottom to top. Our discussion on shingles is now complete as this is the significant part of house construction. For more details, it is best to seek professional help.